Wednesday 7 October 2015

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator
Usage: Online percentage calculator, used to find and familiarize with percentages, by interracting. 
Math Knowledge Board
How to use:  Enter two known values to find the third one.

Application category: Mathematics

"Percentage Calculator" is an interactive knowledge board, used to study 5 fields, where percentage is used.
It may also be used for or particular value need to be calculated, very useful when finding discounts on products, quantity bonus in foods and drinks, bank interests and gaming levels. For example, if You wonder how much will
you get every month from your money in a deposit, click the "Deposit" icon. Type the money You saved in the most left green field. Then type the percentage the bank give on its brochure in the next green field. Click "Calculate"
and enjoy. Use this board to calculate various percentages, when it is needed. Learn where percentage is used.
Win +1 Knowledge Level on website.

Gameplay There are always 3 figures when calculating percentage. They are the Big number, the Small number and the Percentage itself. We may type two of this number and find the third one. This is done from the "hints" in the app.
To win the game and get new Knowledge Level, we need to make calculations for all five places, where
percentage is used. The two left green fields are where the numbers are typed. Just click there and use the keyboard. Then after clicking "Calculate" button, the value will appear in the third most right green field.
Use "Next" button or the fields icon to do the rest of them.

Application Content:

Included in the calculator percentage possibilities are:

Calculate discount on products and services.
Calculate bonus and gratis on products.
Calculate monthly deposit interest rate.
Calculate the final loan return value.
Calculate hero level increase.
Calculate Discount
Calculate Bonus
Calculate Deposit
Calculate Loan
Calculate Level

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