Monday 26 January 2015

Maslow Pyramid Puzzle

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Usage: Free educational  puzzle game used to explore the Maslow's hierarchy of needs article, by interacting.
Interactive knowledge board.    
How to play: Drag and drop some human needs to their correct stair to complete the pyramid...

Pyramid of Maslow Screenshot
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Application category: Psychology

Achievements: Learn the hierarchy of the human needs. Every person have needs to feel happy and satisfied. It is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in1943. Winning the game online, will also give +1 Knowledge Level on website.

The App Type is a short flash game with puzzle-quiz engine, that is free to play online or download. The stand alone version include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only. It is one of the 5 set collectible psychology multimedia apps to be used in classes and home. It have two playable languages.

Gameplay: Drag the "need" picture from the left side of the screen to its corresponding stair, where a small avatar is wondering. Completing one stair will make Ogo happier and open the next one, until the whole pyramid is completed and Ogo reach some fantastic enlightenment. The "needs" with green text are non scientific debatable needs, included for fun. Watch gameplay movie to familiarize with the interface. 

Hints: The pieces wiil stay active until placed correctly. Stairs are grouped in colours. The first stair represent the most important physiological needs. Going to the top, the needs become more psychological, but bring more welfare.

Needs: Included in this game needs are: 
*1st Stair - Physiological needs, It is said that if we can not satisfy these needs we can not think of the higher needs: Water, Air, Food, Sleep, Roof(shelter), Disposal, Warmth.
*2nd Stair - Safety: Security, Prosperity, Health, Job, Values.
*3rd Stair - Love and Belonging: Love, Family, Friends, Intimacy. 
*4th Stair - Esteem: Fame, Respect, Confidence, Tolerance.
*5th Stair - Self Actualization: No prejudice, Creativity and Morality.

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