Friday, 30 January 2015

Europe Puzzle

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Usage: Fee online educational puzzle game used to explore the Sovereign States in Europe, by interacting.
Interactive knowledge board.  
How to play: Drag and drop the picture of the European countries in their correct places in Europe...

Expand your sphere of competence, within a minute

Application category: Geography

Achievements: Learn the locations of the countries in Europe, their flags and fame. Winning the game online, will also give +1 Knowledge Level on website.

The App Type is a short flash game app for desktop computers, with puzzle engine, that is free to play online or download. The stand alone version includes an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only. It is one of the 5 set collectible Geography multimedia apps to be used in classes and home. It have two playable languages.

Gameplay: Drag(hold left mouse button) the country pictures located left of the screen and drop(release left mouse button) them over the grey map in the middle of the screen. If the country is dropped incorrectly, it will disappear and penalize the player with negative points. Rolling over the states will show their flags and what they are famous for. Watch gameplay movie to familiarize with the interface.

Hints: The "control" buton, down right, will enable a grey dots where the country must be dropped.

Arrangable countries included in this game and what they are famous for:
Greece - historical sites, philosophers
Italy - colosseum, Roman Empire,  
Macedonia - Alexander the Great, lakes,
Montenegro - mauntains, rivers
Albania - caravans, weather,
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ćevapi, summer festival
Croatia - ancient ruins, islands coastline
Serbia - Nikola Tesla, plums
Slovenia - limestone caves,  karst,
Spain - bullfights, arts
Portugal - sailors, pastries
Belarus - Olga Korbut, cosmonauts
Bulgaria - rose oil, John Atanasoff, Ogo Bob,
Czech Republic - beer, environmentally conscious
Hungary - The Rubik cube, palinka
Moldova - wines, women
Poland - Nicolaus Copernicus, Ligue of Legends gamers
Romania - Dracula, Nadia Comăneci, 
Slovakia - High Tatras, fungi
Ukraine - fabrige eggs, women
Denmark - welfare, Vikings
Estonia - Skype coding, song festivals
Finland - sauna, Nokia
Iceland - nature, Eyjafjallajökull
Ireland - Leprechauns, castles
Latvia - hotels, trade
Lithuania - agriculture, dancing
Norway - fjords, long day night, vikings
Sweden - innovations, creativity
United Kingdom - Stonehenge, progress,
Belgium - waffles, chocolade
France - Eiffel Tower, love
Germany - beer fests, economy, 
Netherlands - dikes, trade, tulips, liberal
Austria - Vienna Wheel, Mozart
and Switzerland - chocolade, banking. 

Not arrangable countries are: Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Scotland, Krim*, Kosovo*

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