Electronic Game School
"Electronic Game School" (EGS) is a free educational project in an attempt to transmit knowledge through computer games and develop curiosity in kids, teens and all inquisitive people, using interaction to make things engaging. It is a source of collectible applications used to explore popular knowledge topics, by offering a role in the process.
In most cases, we take articles from Wikipedia and make it's content interactive and fun, so it can be used as additional multimedia about that topic, i.e. learn by interacting.

We jog the static knowledge. There are many cool pictures and articles describing the wonders in the Universe. Our mission is to make them interactive.

How the site works: Game apps are played like any other online gaming site. But they are Game Morph styled games, that are fun, free to play and download. They are fixed 800x600 size, thus starting in 2015 we plan to design a mobile version for some of the game apps. Mastering a game while online on planeta42, the Knowledge Level is increased by +1. Levels are saved as cookies, so no registration is required, and the browser remembers the Level when people come again. Reaching certain levels, the hidden games become active, and we are redesigning them in thematic games for various celebrations. Reaching level 100 we plan to put a "Graduate" button to acknowledge players' achievements.

The games are also downloadable, and can be collected as good source for exploration, education, learning and fun.

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