Friday 23 January 2015

Fossils Quiz

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Usage: Free online educational application used to explore the Elena Museum of Palaeontology, by interacting.
Interactive knowledge board.  
How to play: Click and match the pictures if the fossils to their places of discovery...

Fossils BG Screenshot
Application category: Archeology

Achievements: Learn four types of fossils from the Albian age lived trough the Balkans. Winning the game online, will also give +1 Knowledge Level on website.

The App Type is a short flash quiz, that is free to play online or download. The stand alone version include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only. It is one of the 5 set collectible paleontology multimedia apps to be used in travels and home. It have two playable languages.

Gameplay: Restore the ecosystem balanced by placing the fossils to their ancient places. There are four kinds of fossils. Clicking on it will open 7 locations and each location have a small picture of the fossil that need to be matched. Correct match will fill one bubble for the given mind and incorrect will substract one. The baubles need to be filled till the sloped line in the ecosystem graphic. Watch gameplay movie:

Hints: The players can use the same match to fill the whole column of bubbles. Match wrong to subtract a bubble .

Fossils  included in this game are: 
Ammonite - ancient snails with tenticles(need spelling), Gastropa - Turritella,  predecessors of snails,
Corals - predecessors of corals,
and Clams - predecessors of clams

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