Thursday 10 September 2015

Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry Game
Usage: Fun educational game, used to familiarize with the Basic Geometric Figures by interracting. 
 Interactive Knowledge Board
How to play: Try to guess the names of some simple geometric figures.


Application category: Mathematics

Achievements: Familiarize with 12 basic geometric figures and win +1 Knowledge Level on website.

Gameplay: When the figure is shown in the middle, the counter to the left become active and we must find the right name before it drops down to zero. Else one Mesuere line will be subtracted(top of the screeen). When we make 20 right guesses(right of the screen), we win. 

Hints: There are 15 Measure Lines that represent the tries counter. They are subtracted if time runs out or wrong click is made.

The Basic Geometric figures included in the game are:
Equilateral triangle - All sides equal; Interior angles 60 degree.
Isosceles triangle - 2 sides equal; 2 congruent angles.
Right triangle - 1 Right angle.
Scalene triangle - No side or angle equal.
Acute triangle - All angles acute.
Obtuse triangle - 1 obtuse angle.
Square - All sides equal; All angles right.
Rectangle - Opposite sides equal; All angles right.
Rhombus - All sides equal; Opposite angles equal; 2 pairs of parallel sides.
Parallelogram - Opposite sides equal; 2 pairs of parallel sides.
Trapezoid - 1 pair of parrallel sides.
Kite - –źdjacent sides equal; 2 congruent angles.
Play to see a picture.

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