Friday 26 June 2015

Random Walk Arcade Game

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Usage: Fun educational game, used to familiarize with the Random Walk concept by interracting.  Math apps collection.
 Knowledge Arcade Game
How to play: Point and click the squares to remove them before the Random walk reach them


Application category: Mathematics

Achievements: Familiarize with the "Random Walk" phenomenon and win +1 Knowledge Level on website.

Gameplay: To win the game and get new level, we try to anticipate the random moving dot and remove the closest obstacles. Every click will drain our energy, which will recharge in 3 seconds.

Hints: There are 5 bonus circlets that will recharge the battery instantly. Use them wisely.

Principal: The Random Walk in computers may be achieved with 2 variables. Variable one is the Step. For every Step, there are 4 possible directions, and direction is chosen at a random. Step variable, which in general is constant will define the speed of the Random Walk. Second variable, Direction will define to where the Random Walk will move for every step. It will be a random from four - up, down, left or right.
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  1. I am all time fond of reading the blog, when I reached to this blog I wondered to read such informative article, it inspired me a lot thanks. read more

    1. Thanks Mak, I'm eger to make a lot of new, interesting and, I hope, useful apps in the future. It's my favorite creative hobby :)