Friday 26 June 2015

Statistics Knowledge Board

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Usage: Free educational board, for 3 useful formulas from Statistics. Math apps collection.
Interactive Knowledge Board
How to play: Click one of the circlets to fill the empty sockets. 

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Application category: Mathematics

Achievements: Study 3 statistics for school, sports and politics and win +1 Knowledge Level on website.

Gameplay: To win the app and get new level, we must complete 3 simple formulas, used in statistics to gain useful data. The board will lead us through the equations and we must only click the right data (circlet) to fill the flashing socket.

Hints: There are 15 statistical columns that represent a counter. The counter will be subtracted only on wrong click, so we must pay at least a little attention.

Formulas: Statistics operations included in this board are averages and percentages:
Finding a GPA (Average Grade) in school: This is the sum of all included subjects grades, divided by the number of the subjects. For example (Mathematics + Physics + Geography + Chemistry + Sports + Biology) divided by six, because they are 6 subjects.
Finding player or team General Score: This is again the sum of all data multiplied by the player coefficient, where coefficient may be the morale, experience and the form of the player and it is maximum 1. For example (Tackling+Passing+Shoot+Dribbling+Head shot+Speed) * 0.6
Finding the winner after elections: To find out the political party percentage after the vote we take the number of people voted for it, divide it by the number of all voters and multiply it by 100

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