Thursday 21 January 2016

United States Tiles

United States Tiles Game Picture
  Usage: Study US states and postal codes by interaction. 
How to play Click on a state to reveal it.

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Application category: Geography
"United States Tiles" is a free online tile game, used to study the 50 American states by interaction. 

This fun multimedia may answer the following questions:

1. How many states do US have?
2. What are the flag of United States?
3. Which is the biggest state of United States of America?
4. Which is the smallest state of United States of America?
5. How do US states rank by total area?
6. How can I learn all the 50 states by having fun?
7. Where is Texas state situated?
8. Where is Michigan state situated?
9. Where is New York state situated?
10. How many states border Kentucky state?
11. How many states border Alaska state?
12. What is the funniest way to memorize the US states?
13. What is the easioets way to learn US postal codes?
14. Where to find U. S. state ANSI codes?
15. Why it is easier to find a state position with this app? If you need to type North Carolina to search its location, this is 14 key hits. Assuming a possible mistakes to type it again, there are 28 hits. Besides, keys are on different places. Assuming average probability, you will need to click just 24 times to find North Carolina randomly in this multimedia.

Gameplay There are all the 50 US States in grey color, numbered by total land area. Just click a number to reveal the state name and flag. Do it for all 48 active states. Simple as that. The board is designed for fun study and not for testing knowledge.

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