Thursday 23 June 2016

Asia Puzzle

Asia Puzzle Free online game
36 country piece puzzle to study Asia continent and its political map.

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  1. Would you please find a way to include the smaller countries of Asia in your game?. I was disapointed not to find Armenia, Singapore, or Israel!! In other games like this, they put astericks in the areas that are small, then you realize that the area is very small when you place the puzzle piece there. Also, you could join Azerbaijan to Armenia and place both countries as one piece, similar to what your game does with the smaller Balkan countries in your Europe puzzle! It's important to Know how all the countries fit together if it is to be a useful learning tool. Thank you for making these games-- I have particularly enjoyed your Europe and South American puzzle game. :)

    1. Thanks for the attention, it is really hard to fit everything in the screen resolution, as the countries overlap and do not show correctly. Though I included Armenia, Israel, Jordan and Azerbaijan in the Flags of Asia Quiz :)