Tuesday 3 February 2015

Guitar Explorer Practice

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Usage: Free educational application used to explore the chords for "The House of the Rising Sun song, by interacting.  
Interactive knowledge board.
How to play: Practice 5 guitar chords, then fit them on the song diagram...

Guitar Explorer 1 Screenshot
Expand your sphere of competence, within a minute

Application category: Arts

Achievements: Learn 5 guitar chords and their diagram letters, and how they fit in the song "The House of The Rising Sun". Winning the game online, will also give +1 Knowledge Level on planeta42.com website.

The App Type is a short flash game app for desktop computers, with test-quiz engine, that is free to play online or download. The stand alone version includes an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only. It is one of the 5 set collectible Language multimedia apps to be used in classes and home. It have 8 languages.

Gameplay: Observes and memorize 5 guitar chords, while testing them with their writing letters. There is approximate sound for every chord. Then position them on a song diagram by rolling the chord letters. Watch gameplay movie to familiarize with the interface.

Hints: A chord is the set of the fingers over the guitar string. It is usually marked with one or two letters.

Chords: Included in this game chords are: 

and F. 

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Play to see how they works.

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