Wednesday 11 February 2015

We on Mars Interactive Quiz

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Usage: Free educational moving puzzle game used to explore the Missions to Mars article, by interacting.
Interactive knowledge board.  
How to play: Launch a mission to Mars and see if it is successful or not...

Mars Missions Screenshot
Free, fast, fun, knowledge

Application category: Astronomy

Achievements: Learn 18 missions to Mars. The launching country. Year of launch. And if they were successful or not. Expand your sphere of competence, within a minute. Winning the game online, will also give +1 Knowledge Level on website.

The App Type is a short flash game with quiz engine, that is free to play online or download. The stand alone version include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only. It is one of the 5 set collectible astronomy multimedia apps to be used in classes and home.

Gameplay: Click one of 18 missions, situated on the left panel to load the rocket with the spacecraft, and launch it. The rocket will fly to Mars and show if the missions is successful or not. Every launched mission will appear on the right panel with more info about its fate, when rolling over it. Watch gameplay movie to familiarize with the interface:

Hints: The players can orientate by the size of the blue outline. They may try to position the dragged planet picture ahead in the orbit of the moving outline and wait, rather than chase it. No one knows all planets at first, but some practice will makes a difference.

Missions: Orbiters, landers and rovers included in this game are: 
Viking 1 - orbiter,
Nozomi - orbiter
Mariner 8 - orbiter,
Mars 2 - orbiter,
Fobos 1 - orbiter, lander,
Mars Express - orbiter,
Mariner 6 - flyby,
Mars Climate Orbiter - orbiter,
Fobos-Grunt - orbiter, sampler,
Mangalyaan - orbiter,
Mars Odyssey - orbiter,
Mars 96 - orbiter, penetrator,
Phoenix - lander,
Mars 1M - flyby,
Curiosity - rover,
Opportunity - rover.

Mars Missions Online 

 Play to see what will happen.

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