Tuesday 30 April 2019

Master of Orion 2 Puzzle

Master of Orion 2 Puzzle
Master of Orion 2 is truly one of the greatest games for all times. I vote it to be included in future history books. Also this game, along with some others, inspired me to undertake my idea to create fun education games. Many years after I have played it for the first time, i realized that I know a lot of names of the explored stars by our astronomers from this game. So practically this game is also educational. On the screenshot, there we are 20 Doom Stars against 60 Psilon Doom Stars, 60 Titans and 40 battleships. Psilon also have the best possible equipment for its ships, because they are Creative race. And here is the first attacker ship making damage with the super cool Heavy Plasma Cannon. For those who know hex code to modify the game, the credits(money) hex address in Orion 2 is 0001AA3C.


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